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Fun Climbs and FECs, the best Climbing Games

Family entertainment centers (FEC) strives to maximize family fun and provide new and diverse activities for everyone to enjoy.

There are a ton of fantastic climbing games available to pick from, as can be seen by conducting a quick Google search. Unfortunately, when you go through those listings, you’ll find that the majority of climbing games aren’t appropriate for a Fun Climb or FEC setting.

A climbing game would be a smart idea in a climbing gym for a variety of reasons, but not at Fun Climb. Some climbing games are excessively challenging for younger or inexperienced climbers, some rely too heavily on climbing gym features like specialized grips or overlapping routes, others demand access to a bouldering wall or a belay partner, and many climbing games emphasize fitness above pure enjoyment.

In this article, we’ve selected the top five climbing games that you can play at your Fun Climb or Family Entertainment Center rather than having you sift through lists of climbing games on your own and try to find the gems in the rough.

These criteria were used to select the games:

  • suitable for young climbers and novices
  • fun is prioritized
  • there is no need for numerous routes or holds of a particular color when climbing walls.
  • you can play games while connected to an auto belay.

As a final point, climbing games that are interesting for parents and other spectators, as well as those that would be exceptionally enjoyable at birthday parties, private parties, and special events, were given precedence when rankings were made.

Here are the best 5 climbing games to play at your Fun Climb or Family Entertainment Centers, without further ado.

Family entertainment centers (FEC) strives to maximize family fun and provide new and diverse activities for everyone to enjoy.

5. Simon Says, no.

This time-tested kid’s game is a wonderful complement to any celebration or gathering. Of course, playing Simon Says on a climbing wall adds an additional twist and increases the game’s difficulty.

You should start the climbing wall at the same time with several children from the same group to get the greatest results. Pick a Simon from among the parents, or the auto belay operator if they are up for it. Simon will issue instructions to the climbers from the base of the wall:

“Grab the nearest grip to the right,” Simon commands.

“Raise your right foot,” Simon commands.

Simon advises, “Pick your nose!”

The game will be more enjoyable for all participants (and onlookers, too!) if you are more imaginative with your directions. The goal of this game of Simon Says is to be the last climber standing on the wall rather than striving to reach the summit.

4. Laser Pointer

In addition to using them for games, laser pointers can be useful for novice climbers who struggle to decide what to do next. The helpful laser-guided advice, however, may rapidly transform into a surprisingly entertaining (and humorous) game for both the climber and the person using the laser pointer after the climber has gained a little bit of confidence.

The way the game is played is that you can use the laser pointer to throw in a few curveballs instead of challenging someone in the simplest or most obvious method. You could wish to guide your climber along an odd and meandering path rather than leading them straight up the wall. Perhaps you want them to jump to grab something! Everything depends on you.

The game’s benefits for FECs

Using a laser pointer can keep things interesting and fun without requiring operators to make any physical changes to the climbing walls, which is particularly important at a Family Entertainment Center where climbing holds are rarely (if ever) changed and climbing memberships mean that some kids have already climbed the existing walls multiple times.

3. Get dressed

This game is a crowd favorite at private occasions, despite the fact that it needs some setup.

Have a more seasoned climber hang a variety of clothing items from the climbing holds before you begin to play. As long as the clothing won’t get in the way of the harness or webbing line, these accessories can range from the commonplace (hats, ponchos, and baggy t-shirts) to the exotic (oven mitts, tiaras, feathered boas, or whatever else you can think of).

It is the climber’s responsibility to work out how to put on each additional item of equipment without leaving go of the wall each time they reach it. This typically entails a lot of swaying, wobbling, and teetering, which may or may not result in catastrophe.

Consider making the climber’s clothing more challenging as they ascend. Consider starting at the bottom of the wall with something simple, like a hat, and keeping more difficult items, like t-shirts, for the top.

We do advise utilizing an anti-release connector, such as a Self Belay, if you decide to allow private groups to play because this game requires a lot of configuring. Self Belays are specifically made to prevent users from unintentionally unclipping themselves from the auto belay while the gadget is in operation, and they require a key to unlock.

2. Jump like it’s hot

Shock loading protection is one of the TRUBLUE Auto Belay’s underappreciated features. What does this imply for how we play games? Simply put: you can jump!

In reality, different Family Entertainment Centers have used this feature in different ways. The leap of faith is among the most thrilling applications. An elevated platform, a hanging inflatable, and a TRUBLUE are all you need for this game. To jump off the platform and then hang on for as long as you can is the objective.

A dyno setup on your climbing wall is another approach to make this feature more game-like. Dynos are among of the most thrilling climbing maneuvers. A dyno, or dynamic movement, is employed in the context of climbing when a hold is too far away to reach while standing stationary. Instead, the climber must release the wall and launch themselves in the direction of the hold.

Any climbing route with a dyno has an exhilarating top out. But bear in mind that if you’re going to set one up, you should utilize plenty of footholds and big, easy-to-grasp handholds to accommodate climbers of all different heights.

1. Go for gold

Speed climbing is currently one of the most popular movements in the climbing world. In fact, speed climbing has gained so much popularity that the 2024 Olympics in Paris will feature a solo race for the first time ever.

Building your own little speed wall is one way to get in on the speed climbing craze for Fun Climbs or FECs with the ability to swap out holds. This isn’t as difficult to do as it seems in practice. One thing unites all Speed Climbing walls: a very particular kind of climbing grip. Unfortunately, novice climbers frequently find the approved Speed Climbing grips to be too challenging. Therefore, choosing holds that are similar in color will make your own little speed wall easy to recognize. However, you can think about employing shapes that are a little more user-friendly for beginners.

A good old-fashioned timer might be the answer for FECs who are unable to alter their climbing holds. Kids can race their friends to the summit or compete against the clock to set new personal records by placing two pathways close to each other.

Racing is arguably the oldest and most simple game ever created, but it’s also a timeless classic that youngsters will play repeatedly.

Family entertainment centers (FEC) strives to maximize family fun and provide new and diverse activities for everyone to enjoy.

What is a Family Entertainment Center?

The amusement sector is no exception to the rule that every industry has its own own lingo and vocabulary. Although you’ve undoubtedly visited one at least once, you may not be familiar with the term “family entertainment center.” Family entertainment centers (FEC) work to promote family enjoyment and offer fresh, interesting activities that everyone may take part in. Climbing walls, arcade games, mini golf, free fall rides, ropes courses, laser tag, and other forms of amusement are available at FECs. Family entertainment centers are more enjoyable than ever thanks to both the traditional FEC fun and games and new advancements in the entertainment equipment business.

A FEC is what?

A family entertainment center is a small-scale amusement park targeted for families with young children or teenagers, in addition to being a fun and exciting way for you and your family to spend the day together. Everyone in the family will have fun and have an exciting time thanks to the variety of games and activities available. The most well-liked pastimes in the FEC sector include mini golf, arcade games, and thrill rides.

Family fun centers, often known as family entertainment centers, have been around for years. Early in the 1970s, as arcades and places to play miniature golf, the first family fun centers rose to prominence and expanded fast across the country. These facilities kept growing throughout time, adding more games, activities, and modern inventions. Even though many new FEC activities have emerged, arcades and mini golf courses are still present in almost every FEC today. FEC games and equipment will keep expanding in diversity and inclusivity as the business develops.

Equipment for Family Entertainment Centers

Today, a wide range of new items have been added to the list of FEC necessities. Some of the most popular FEC activities and rides include go karts, laser tag, exhilarating free fall rides, and climbing walls. Family entertainment centers are now much more entertaining and can serve a wider range of patrons thanks to these newly adopted requirements.

The future of the family entertainment sector is in the development of thrilling new additions to the traditional family fun center. Many thrill ride components, from small-scale to the pinnacle of enhanced entertainment, can be implemented into an FEC complex. Customers can experience a thrilling free fall drop ride where they can push their limits and elevate family fun by including the QUICKjump Free Fall Device into an FEC.

A zip line may be implemented into both indoor and outdoor facilities and is an exciting addition to family entertainment centers. You may build a thrilling zip line that has automated brake reset and engages automatically so riders don’t have to brake by using cutting-edge zip line equipment like the zipSTOP Zip Line Brake and our high tech zip line trolleys.

Many FECs adore the addition of a climbing wall to complete the family-friendly experience at their facility. Climbing walls with the TRUBLUE Auto Belay offers thrilling, dependable family entertainment as well as excellent fitness. A larger climbing wall with numerous climbing lanes or a few climbing wall parts can be built to increase climbing.

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