Self-braking Magnetic Zipline Trolley

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The MAG Brake Trolley is a self-braking zipline pulley with a safe and consistent magnetic brake system. Designed for high-speed zip-line courses, it offers a friction-free, low-maintenance ziplining experience.


The Magnetic Brake Trolley uses Eddy Current (Magnetic) technology to brake Zipline riders safe and consistently, based upon rider speed.

The magnetic brake pulley is equipped with a powerful and incrementally adjustable and Integrated Magnetic Brake. The integrated Eddy Current Brake means that we are able to slow down the rider to a manageable speed without friction, heat or wear on the cable. Therefore greatly reducing the maintenance needed to the zipline cables and the trolley as well.

Speed regulation and Safe Zip Wire Braking

Our self braking zip wire pulley solves the major safety issues around the controlled and safe braking situation at the end of high speed zip wire courses.

Designed especially for steep, long and fast zipline courses, the MAG Brake Trolley allows for the development of long-distance zip-lines without a complex braking area. With that, we leave the smallest possible environmental footprint, by eliminating expensive and high maintenance constructions. With its internal braking system the MAG Brake zipline Pulley is able to handle a reduction of speed of up to 35%.

All riders, independent of their weight and/or weather conditions (wind), will arrive at the same speed, allowing a safe and controlled braking situation.

Proven Technology

We use proven Eddy Current brake technology, that is extremely reliable, smooth, and low maintenance. The magnetic braking is friction-free with no contacting parts. Eddy Current technology is fully proven and used in many critical applications. Our automatic-braking Zip wire Pulley is therefore one of the safest brake pulley available on the market for high end commercial zipline with slopes up to 25% and speeds up to 140 km/h.

MAG Brake Pulley Configurations

Speed reduction: 

  • Reduction is setup depending on the zipline profile.

Trolley Options: 

  • Catch mechanism for zipline braking systems line ZipSTOP
  • Different setups for specific harnesses
  • Action Video camera setups
  • Company personal branding


Body: Aluminum Body
Braking Type: Eddy Current – Magnetic Brake
Max Speed Rating: 140km/h
Cable size options: From 10mm to 18mm rope diameter
Cable grade range: 4% – 25%
Rider Weight Range: 25 – 125 kg (275 lbs)
Trolley Weight: 5,6 kg (maximum configuration)
Harness Compatibility: Seat or Superman Harness
Compliance / Norms: NEN-EN 12278:2007 (pending)
NEN-EN 17109:2019 (pending)

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