Edelrid Vertic Triple Lock | Full Body Har­nes­s

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The VETRIC is a fully-equipped fall arrest, work positioning and seat harness with a multitude of innovative and detailed solutions. For even more efficiency when ascending and moving in rope systems, the CHEST CRUISER chest ascender is firmly sewn into the VERTIC TRIPLE LOCK.


To ensure maximum comfort in every working position, the semi-rigid waist belt and the semi-rigid leg loops are cut extra wide and padded with breathable 3D mesh. This design ensures maximum support and excellent air circulation. The waist belt is fixed to the vertical back straps with a VCR fastener. This allows for optimal distribution of the load between the waist belt and the shoulder straps when heavy equipment is carried. At the same time, the VCR fastener enables quick adjustment of the length between the waist belt and the leg loops.

Inspired by our climbing harnesses, the leg loops have a three-dimensional design and elastic inserts at the front, thus ensuring maximum freedom of movement and unique hanging comfort. The ergonomic shape of the padded shoulder straps reduces pressure points on the neck and at the nape of the neck. Thanks to the self-locking Triple Lock buckles on the chest strap, it is easy to put on or take off the VERTIC TRIPLE LOCK quickly without pulling it over the head.

One special feature is the integrated chest ascender according to EN 12841-B (150 kg). In contrast to conventional rope access harnesses, the chest ascender is firmly sewn into the VERTIC TRIPLE LOCK. This prevents it from rotating around its own axis. At the same time, the removable Chestfit system (two elastic bands around the chest) ensures that the chest ascender remains close to the body, regardless of the load on the harness system. This combination results in an unprecedented efficiency when climbing on the rope.

Even in terms of equipment, the VERTIC TRIPLE LOCK leaves nothing to be desired. It has two fall arrest eyelets according to EN 361 (sternal and dorsal), and a ventral eyelet according to EN 813 (maximum user weight: 150 kg), as well as two lateral positioning eyelets for work position and standby position according to EN 358. Furthermore, the complete harness is certified according to ANSI Z359.11, which makes it one of the most versatile rope access harnesses on the market.


  • The vertical backstraps run sideways over the hip. This ensures maximum freedom of thigh movement and when bending the upper body.
  • The waist belt is fixed to the vertical backstraps with a VCR fastener. This means that, when heavy equipment is carried, the load is optimally transferred to the shoulder bands.
  • Leg loop construction with three-dimensional design and elastic inserts for maximum freedom of movement and optimum hanging comfort
  • Covered buckles protect the webbing from premature wear at exposed points.
  • Quick and easy handling of tape ends (even when wearing gloves) thanks to a stopper seam before the end stop
  • Two fall arrest eyelets in accordance with EN 361 (dorsal fall arrest eyelet flexibly mounted to prevent snagging in shafts or narrow passages)
  • Four rigid gear loops for up to 12 carabiners (load: 25 kg)
  • Two gear straps with click buckles on the back of the waist belt for attaching further equipment (e.g. first aid kit)
  • 2 large aluminium D-rings as side eyelets according to EN 358 provide a work position and a stand-by position for fastening a lanyard
  • Central eyelet according to EN 813 for attaching an abseiling device
  • One attachment option for the SM clip on each leg loop
  • 2 central loops for attaching a work positioning seat (Air Lounge)
  • 2 freely positionable gear loops for accommodating a Y-shaped lanyard (load: 0 kN)
  • The harness is easy to put on and take off from the side (using a Triple Lock buckle); no need to pull it over the head
  • 2 loops on the chest harness for attaching a radio set or for accommodating a fall arrester
  • ANSI certified
  • Integrated RFID chip for simplified operational documentation
  • CHEST CRUISER integrated chest ascender for maximum efficiency when ascending ropes
  • 2 elastic straps around the chest for a perfect fit at all times (regardless of the load on the harness system)
  • Certification : EN 361, EN 358, EN 813, ANSI / ASSE Z359.11-2014
  • Fall Arrest Eyelet Front : Yes
  • Fall Arrest Eyelet Back : Yes
  • Lataral Eyelets : Yes
  • Restraint Loop : Yes
  • Adjustable leg loops: Yes
  • Moveable foam waist padding: Yes

Sizing Chart

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Size Body Height Hip Measurement Leg Loops Weight
Size 1 175 – 205 cm 70 – 95 cm 48 – 65 cm 2.250 g
Size 2 185 – 205 cm 85 – 120 cm 55 – 72 cm 2.350 g

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