TRUBLUE Dual Connection

 35,00 Excl. VAT

The aluminium TRU-Lock Triple Stage Locking Carabiner has an innovative integrated attachment point for a secondary connection to the climber. This integrated backup option can be used for recreational or competition climbing to minimize the possibility of incorrect user attachment.


The TRU-Lock Automatic Locking Carabiner is the most advanced Auto Belay carabiner available.. This purpose-built carabiner combines advanced TRU-Lock gate technology with a high quality swivel and integrated dual point connection to be the best carabiner for your Auto Belay. The TRUBLUE Dual Connection can be securely girth hitched to the TRU-Lock Carabiner make up the secondary connection hardware.

A user can be connected to both primary and secondary connectors at the same rated harness attachment point or to multiple harness attachment points assuming operational compatibility of such an attachment method. The gates of connectors should face opposite directions when possible.

  • If you want to order the Dual Connection option for the TRU-Lock Auto Belay Carabiner, select the Aluminium TRU-Lock as webbing connector and order this item
  • If you are ordering a spare or replacement webbing with the Aluminium TRU-Lock carabiner, order this item as well.
  • If you need just the Dual Connection, just order this product.

For this dual connection we are delivering an Edelrid HMS Magnum Triple Carabiner, tie-in-loop quickdraw and Anti-Twist option.