Training & Education

We’ve got the know-how to run your climbing park safely!

A zipline or high ropes course’s operational safety, like that of any other off-ground activity, depends not only on high-quality equipment, but also on all employees in direct contact with visitors having the appropriate technical background and knowledge of how to intervene in a critical situation. Our education and training provide this expertise to your personnel.

The change will be noticed by your customers.

During the operation of a climbing park, your team faces a variety of obstacles in terms of instructing and overseeing a high number of guests. Climbing instructors, for example, should maintain a calm and confident demeanor to reassure their students that everything is secure and under control. And, if a scenario arises in which the visitor need the course instructor’s assistance, the instructor must act quickly and competently to assist the visitor.

Any climbing activity, whether it is done while mountaineering, in an indoor recreational facility, in a climbing park, or while completing a high ropes course, has some danger. However, effective staff training, as well as frequent staff development and refresher courses, will keep any of these dangers to a minimal.

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Qualification levels

The Thrill Syndicate’s Training & Education syllabus is divided into levels, each of which demands a particular amount of practical experience in addition to the required theoretical knowledge.

  • Safety Manager
  • Adventure Park Instructor
  • Traditional High Ropes Course Instructor
  • Generic Rescuer Course
  • Traditional Ropes Course Facilitator
  • Site Specific Instructor
  • Site Specific Rescuer
  • Inspector Ropes Courses
  • Maintenance Manager