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Cutting edge belay and safety for your ropes course, ziplines and challenge courses.

We deliver the top brands Ropes Courses Belay systems, Edelrid Smart Belay, Saferoller Continuous Belay, Speedrunner Continuous Belay and LockD Continuous Belay.  Competitive Pricing, Worldwide Delivery and Global Support.

Operators of commercial ropes courses and adventure concepts, constantly have to reevaluate their safety measures and risk assessments. In the first place in the interest of their visitors, but also for their liability and insurance. Through our leading position in the market and direct contact lines with the main manufacturers of safety equipment, we are on the forefront of knowledge and implementation of new technology.

Belay is the primary safety system used to protect people while at height. There is a wide range of belay systems on the market and picking the right one is a critical decision that influences operations, efficiencies, risk, and supervision. While there are many brand names on the market, the most common belay systems used in challenge courses, on climbing towers, in aerial parks, and on zip line and canopy tours fit into one of four categories; dynamic, static, smart, and continuous.

Ropes Course Belay Systems - Edelrid Smart Belay | Continuous Self-Belay

Edelrid Smart Belay | Continuous Self-Belay

The SMART BELAY X is the further development of our legendary SMART BELAY – now with innovative magnet technology for consistent safety and maximum freedom of movement in your high ropes course. Certified according to EN 17109 (class D).

The communicating, interconnected pulley carabiners form the heart of the Smart Belay. If one of the carabiners is opened, the other carabiner’s opening mechanism is automatically blocked. A new feature is the magnetic locking mechanism—the Smart Belay’s opening mechanism is only released by an integrated magnet after contact with the steel cable. The advantage: more safety for visitors, less risk for operators.Smart Belay- A revolution in the self belaying product sectorThe integrated pulley-carabiners are designed specifically for zip-lines and replace the double pulley. Our unique Pilot Bar minimizes the risk of strangulation and additionally offers a control system when zip-lining or a support during difficult elements of the high-rope course.

Ropes Course Belay Systems - LockD Continuous Self-Belay system

LockD Continuous Self-Belay system

LockD Clips is the adventure recreation industry’s most advanced integrated carabiner system. The next evolution of “always locked” smart belay systems, the LockD Clips system is designed specifically for the needs of adventure recreation operators and participants.

Smart belay systems for adventure parks, such as LockD Clips, also allow the climber to choose different trails, pass slower climbers and engage with vertical as well as horizontal elements, providing greater control and flexibility in the activity. With our simple “always-locked” design, LockD Clips safely hand the ropes and reins back over to the climber for an autonomous but trustworthy experience.

Ropes Course Belay Systems - Saferoller Continuous Belay system

Saferoller Continuous Belay system

Play Safe in Adventure: Saferoller is the world’s first rolling continuous belay system. As soon as the Saferoller Trolley (PPE) is attached to the wire rope, you are safely and continuously secured from end-to-end. No other security measures are required. If necessary, park operators can quickly remove the Saferoller Trolley (PPE) from the safety line. Perfect for team building.

TÜV Süd Certified: Saferoller parts are manufactured according to strict quality standards (CATEGORY “E”, RfU CNB/P/11.104, EN 795 B, EN 15567-1, EN 15567-2, EN 12278) and according to ACCT Standards (USA).

Ropes Course Belay Systems - Speedrunner Continuous Belay system

Speedrunner Continuous Belay system

Speedrunner is the free-running solution for your aerial adventure park. With the safety line at half height, it can be quickly adapted for many situations. The certified mobile connecting device (PPE) Kanhook is a hook-based system featuring the industry-first self-closing gap mechanism. It is our most economical and easy to install system. Designed to resist wear and tear. Rugged, durable and dependable. Just hook and go.

Speedrunner, Just Hook and Go: The Speedrunner continuous belay system is based on a hook. The Kanhook (PPE) slides smoothly and silently on the safety line, following you wherever you go. You are continuously secured.

Let the adventure begin: Our experienced consulting team will help you harness the powerful designed and manufactured Speedrunner engine and create your own custom aerial adventure park.

TÜV Süd Certified: Speedrunner parts are manufactured according to strict quality standards (EN 795 B, EN 795 B, EN 795 C, EN 15567, RfU CNB/P/11.104) and according to ACCT Standards (USA).

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