Edelrid CUPID Swivel Connector

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Small, placed on ball bearings, the Edelrid CUPID Swivel Connector rotates consistently even when subjected to heavy pressures.

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The Edelrid CUPID Swivel Connector is a Small, ball-bearing-mounted swivel rotates reliably even under high loads. The CUPID Swivel is a swivel for lanyards, this ingenious piece of equipment is the most versatile connecting element on the market.

With no unnecessary loose parts that can get lost, the ability to be opened and closed as often as users desire, and a design that makes it the lightest and most compact swivel in its class, the CUPID SWIVEL is a dream come true for any PPE system! The innovative integrated mechanical screw locking system enables the device to be repeatedly opened and closed without having to replace or manually secure screws, and reliably prevents the screw from opening of its own accord due to vibrations.

The combination of a 12 mm opening width and the outward opening direction of the gate makes it easy to install rope terminals, slings, and metal components.


  • Size: 95 x 50 x 28 mm
  • Inside diameter: 25 mm
  • Opening width: 12 mm
  • Weight: 105 gram
  • Breaking strength: 20 kN
  • Certification: PPE-R/11.135