Ropes Course Equipment

Professional Safety equipment for your Adventure high-ropes course

We deliver the top brands for Ropes Courses Belay equipment, Edelrid, Headrush, ISC, Saferoller, Speedrunner and LockD.  Competitive Pricing, Worldwide Delivery and Global Support.

All products are developed for the adventure parks range are innovative, convincing with highest technology and therefore guarantee absolute fun climbing in rope courses and adventure parks. We deliver gear and equipment for zip lines, ropes courses, climbing walls, challenge courses, adventure parks, climbing walls, rock climbing, military tactical courses, and more.

Ropes Course Equipment - Descent & Rescue Devices

Descent & Rescue Devices

Professional Rescue & Descent devices for the Adventure Industry.

The latest rescue devices to be introduced to our industry have been used for many years in the fire rescue industry. They were developed for use in high-rise buildings. The devices are designed to be simple to operate, and the operating instructions aim to minimize human error. Now, these rescue devices are being used in all types of aerial adventure operations.

Ropes Course Equipment - Pulleys


Pulleys for Ropes Courses, Rescues and transport. Whether for setting up a block and tackle for crevasse rescue operations, hauling gear, or constructing an auxiliary ropeway, pulleys are your helping hand.

Ropes Course Equipment - Ropes & Carabiners

Ropes & Carabiners

We offer you a selection of the best professional ropes & carabiners. Competitive Pricing, Worldwide Delivery and Global Support

Our connectors impress with the best handling, long service lives, and innovative details. To meet all practical requirements, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as with different locking systems.

Today there are more different types of climbing rope than ever before. Selecting a new rope can be a daunting task. The secret is to be clear about what you want your rope for. Make sure you know which category of climber you fall in to. Ambitious climbers will probably need a number of ropes for different activities. Once you know what you want your climbing rope for, other criteria such as length, diameter, weight, dry treatment, etc. also have to be considered.

Ropes Course Equipment - Connecting | Lanyards & Swivels

Connecting | Lanyards & Swivels

Connecting your Belay System to your Harness the smart way. For use in canopy tours, zip lines and aerial adventure courses. Loops, lanyards and smart Swivels, preventing tangling of the belay system.

Ropes Course Equipment - Ropes Course Harnesses

Ropes Course Harnesses

We feature the best harnesses for ziplines, rock climbing and, ropes courses. Designed to meet the stringent needs of ropes courses and other high angle applications, this is all you will ever need in a harness.

A full body harness (EN 12277) is recommended as rental harnesses. They maintain an upright body position in the event of a fall and the central rope point serves to attach a lanyard. For children up to 40 kg, there are special small full body harnesses (EN 12277 type B). The straps should have a large adjustment range and be quick and easy to put on.

Individual detailed solutions such as webbing termination, movable hip padding, and elasticated straps for stowing the remaining strap increase safety and facilitate handling in rental facilities.

Ropes Course Equipment - Ropes Course Helmets

Ropes Course Helmets

Helmets for rental operations must be tough and simple to maintain. Hardshell helmets with a tough polypropylene helmet shell are appropriate. Ventilation apertures allow air to circulate continuously, preventing heat build-up.

A completely adjustable and antibacterial strap system is also available, which can be readily removed for washing. You can also have your helmets made ex-works with your corporate logo. More information is available in our customization idea.

Ropes course and zip line helmets, climbing helmets, canyoneering helmets and Adventure Park activities: Strong, comfortable, good value, easily adjustable and long lasting helmets.

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