Edelrid Switch Double Adjust | Adjustable Lanyard

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The Edelrid SWITCH DOUBLE ADJUST is a versatile adjustable lanyard with a dynamic rope and an integrated KIWI SCREW carabiner. This innovative lanyard allows for adjustment under load and features a shorter arm ideal for descenders. Perfect for work positioning, rope ascents, and various anchoring applications.

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For professional operators in adventure, outdoor, amusement, and recreation industries, efficiency and versatility are key. The Edelrid SWITCH DOUBLE ADJUST is a multi-functional lanyard that simplifies anchor point management. Featuring a dynamic rope construction and an integrated KIWI SCREW carabiner, this innovative lanyard allows for easy adjustment under load, making it ideal for work positioning, rope ascents, and rappelling.

Unmatched Versatility, Effortless Efficiency

  • Highly Adjustable: The SWITCH DOUBLE ADJUST allows for effortless length adjustment under load, ensuring a perfect fit for various tasks and situations.
  • Multi-Functional Design: This unique lanyard combines a dynamic rope with an integrated carabiner, offering functionality for work positioning, rappelling, and rope ascents.
  • Secure Connection: The integrated KIWI SCREW carabiner provides a secure and reliable attachment point to the anchor.

Built for Performance and Reliability

  • Dynamic Rope Construction (SWIFT 48 PRO DRY 8.9 MM): Absorbs impact forces and ensures comfort during work positioning and rappelling.
  • Integrated KIWI SCREW Carabiner: Provides a secure connection point with a screw-gate closure for added security.
  • Length Adjustable Under Load (15-120 cm): Allows for easy adjustment to suit various tasks and user preferences.
  • Short Arm (45 cm): Ideal for attaching descender devices.

Edelrid SWITCH DOUBLE ADJUST – Technical Details

  • Weight: 268 g
  • Material: Rope (SWIFT 48 PRO DRY 8.9 MM), Steel (Carabiner)
  • Closure: Screw-gate carabiner
  • Certifications: UIAA, EN 12275, EN 17520
  • Please note: must not be used as a via ferrata set

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