Speedrunner | Kanhook Ultimate PPE

 100,00 Ex VAT

The Speedrunner Kanhook Ultimate PPE revolutionizes adventure safety with its unique design and durability. The safe connection device features a safety latch that closes automatically.


The new Kanhook Ultimate improves your safety without compromising your fun.

Note: sold per 10 pieces, volume pricing available

The Kanhook Ultimate mobile connection device features a safety latch that closes automatically with a spring mechanism. The mobile connection device is constantly closed while on the ropes course. When the spring contacts a bracket, it opens just enough to pass the obstacle freely and then closes automatically. There is no longer any need for manual manipulation on the safety line.

Just hook on and go. Visitors can pass obstacles faster. The Kanhook is compatible with zip line trolleys like Petzl Trac or SBE.


  • New certification standard: EN 17109
  • Decreased instruction time
  • Increased safety
  • No longer any need for manual manipulation

Ergonomic design
Kanhook self-adjusts to the correct position on the safety line
Lightweight and easy handling
Ideal for the whole family – from 4 years and up
Durable long-life components
Spare parts are interchangeable, reusable & recyclable.
Simple and fast evacuation safety system
Only park operators can remove the Kanhook from the safety line quickly and easily, if necessary.

For safety line Ø 12 – 12.7MM (1/2 inch)