Edelrid | Hot Knife Rope Cutter

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The Edelrid hot cutting device for cutting and melting synthetic ropes, tapes, and other textile fabrics.

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Knife for cutting ropes or blade for hot cutting and melting ropes, stripes, textiles. The Edelrid knife nicely and simply cuts off the rope and finishes it. This device for hot cutting and melting of synthetic ropes, strips and other textile fabrics is indispensable in stores with such material, mostly by craftsmanship, who are engaged in textiles and ropes, paragliding, home decor workshops… usable when you need to cut nicely and finish a rope, a ribbon, a cloth.

Edelrid cutting device for ropes:

  • Quickly cut off and fine finishes synthetic ropes, ribbons,…
  • Quickly cut off and beautifully finishes synthetic textile fibers (making flags, parachutes, interior decoration,…)
  • Weight: 1200 g
  • Certificate: EN 354, EN 566