ISC D5 | Work/Rescue Descender

 225,00 Ex VAT

The D5 is a double-stop device with an auto-lock function (which is activated whenever the operator lets go of the handle) and a panic brake which is not overly sensitive in normal use.


The D5 Descender has a double safety locking mechanism, which means when loaded, the side plates cannot be rotated open due to the positioning of the Karabiner and the push button ‘click-lock’ safety closure.

The D5 is easy to attach/detach from rope without detaching from the operator’s harness, therefore eliminating the risk of accidental dropping of the device. It is easy to back-feed the rope through the D5 and therefore it can be used for smooth ascending or for emergency hauling (when used as part of a 2:1 ‘Z-rig’).

The D5 is compliant with NFPA G and ANSI Z359.4 for the North American Fire/Rescue and Tower Climber markets which typically use 1/2” ropes.

The D5 has a rated load of 240kg (529lb), making it a true Work/Rescue Descender. It is not necessary to build in additional friction to achieve these loads, although it can be useful to do so, for an even higher degree of control in Belay applications. The minimum user weight for these devices is 60kg (132lb).

Technical Information

Compatible with rope diameter (mm)12.7 (1/2″)
Panic brake: Yes
Number of persons: 2
(WLL) Working Load Limit (kg): 240
(WLL) Working Load Limit (lbs): 529
ANSI compliant version: As standard
Serial numbering: As standard
EZYiD: Available on request
Cam material: Stainless Steel
Finish: Anodised

Approved Standards

Meets NFPA 1983 G
Meets ANSI Z359.4:2013