Saferoller SafeStop | zipSTOP Integration

 880,00 Ex VAT

The Saferoller SafeStop is a Zipline Brake-block for continuous life-line system: Allows the use of a braking system together with a continuous system without any disassemble.


SafeStop is continuous gripper for zip line brake. This innovation allows the use of an automatic zipline braking system together with a continuous safety line without disassembly of the trolley (self-locking device) from the rope. The zip line can be integrated on the continuous ropes course.

Key benefits of the SafeStop include

  • Continuous safety on the zip line: The continuous grip allows automatic braking.
  • Compatible: Safe Stop can be used with all other continuous belay systems
  • Disassembly is not applicable at the end of the Zipline: The park visitor can leave the zip line without disengaging the trolley and is protected throughout.

SafeStop is an impact trolley permanently attached to the the lower end of the zip line, used with a braking system. The absorber pad protects the Saferoller Trolley (PPE) on impact and the braking mechanism (not included) brings the customer to a gradual stop.

Designed to allow the Saferoller Trolley (PPE) to easily pass to the next element when the customer has reached a complete stop. The Saferoller Trolley (PPE) does not need to be removed from the safety line ensuring continuous connection and increased safety. The zip line can now be integrated into a continuous ropes course, offering increased flexibility in park design and operation.

Benefits of SafeStop:

  • No disengagement of the Saferoller Trolley (PPE) at end of zip line
  • (Gradual braking)
  • Designed for a wide range of weights and velocities
  • Continuous safety on the zip line
  • (Automatically resets after each ride)
  • Course can be completed faster
  • Increased throughput
  • Reduce waiting times and increase user satisfaction
  • Reduced wear on safety wire rope
  • Reduce staff & operating costs

For safety line Ø 12 – 12.7MM (1/2 inch)