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Edelrid Novelties: Highlights High work and tree care

Safety has always been and will continue to be our primary priority in product development. But we also share the desire to preserve the environment and produce our goods as sustainably as possible.

One of our priorities for 2023 is the development of goods in the rope access technology market. With the MEGAWATT universal abseiling device and the FUSE ride-on fall arrester, we introduce new standards in the industry.


(Available beginning in January 2023)

The MEGAWATT is a flexible descender tool for rescue and industrial climbing applications. Due to the unique lever design, it has a high transmission ratio and a very broad working range. In the case of a loss of control, its anti-panic feature lowers the likelihood of an accident. The MEGAWATT is the most adaptable descender device on the market with maximized compactness and minimal weight because it is suitable for both left- and right-handed users (regardless of active or passive operation) and enables optimal handling even in working positions that are difficult to access.

The MEGAWATT is a versatile descender device for industrial climbing and rescue use. 
The FUSE sets new standards for guided type fall arresters.

Due to the various lengths and performance specifications, the required pairing with an appropriate DEFUSER shock absorber (S, L, or RESCUE) enables the selection of a complete system that is ideal for the intended usage.


(Coming in April 2023!)

For guided type fall arresters, the FUSE establishes new criteria. The incorporated centrifugal brake allows the gadget to travel up/down the belay rope with unmatched ease from the very first meter, whether ascending or descending. Furthermore, its incredibly compact design and ability to comply with all applicable European and international standards for large diameter ranges and the greatest user loads make it the most adaptable device in its class. In addition to being tamperproof and gentle on ropes, the device’s structural separation of the trigger and blocking mechanisms and the absence of serrated jaws also allow for easy release from the rope in the event of a fall.


(Coming in April 2023!)

For user loads of up to 140 kg, all three DEFUSER shock absorbers are small (RESCUE up to 220 kg). The DEFUSER series, which only works in conjunction with the FUSE, lessens the impact force caused by a fall.

S: A small, portable shock absorber for use with the EDELRID FUSE and user loads up to 140 kg. The compact shape makes the shock absorber easy to move with the user and is especially suitable for climbing and working on ladder systems or flexible anchor lines.

L: Long, extremely narrow shock absorber for up to 140 kg of user loads. For instance, the elongated form allows for a clearer working space and a wider distance from the belay rope during rope access.

All three DEFUSER shock absorbers are compact and for user loads of up to 140 kg (RESCUE up to 220 kg). 

Rescue: A small-sized shock absorber that can support up to 220 kg of weight. lowers the force of a fall’s impact noticeably.

Because of the high load capacity, users may operate heavy machinery and have a larger reserve in case of an emergency, allowing them to support the weight of the rescue candidate on their own system.

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