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Professional Canyoning Equipment: Gear Up for Safe Exploration

Don't let gear hold you back! EDELRID offers a complete range of professional canyoning equipment, built for durability, comfort, and safety. Explore our ropes, harnesses, descenders, knives, backpacks, and more. Shop EDELRID and conquer any canyon!

Canyoning demands the perfect blend of adventure and safety. As you navigate breathtaking gorges, conquer waterfalls, and explore hidden pools, your equipment becomes your lifeline. Here’s where our professional canyoning equipment from comes in.

Built to Endure:

Professional canyoning equipment is a far cry from your average gear. EDELRID’s ropes, for instance, are specifically designed for canyon use. They boast a complex sheath for enhanced abrasion resistance and bright colors for high visibility. The ropes offer exceptional buoyancy and stability, while the STATIC LOW STRETCH and SAFETY SUPER cater perfectly to commercial canyoning needs.

Harnesses for Comfort and Confidence:

Canyoning harnesses need to be tough yet comfortable. EDELRID’s IGUAZU and IRUPU harnesses, manufactured with water-resistant materials and featuring replaceable abrasion protectors, provide exactly that. The IGUAZU, designed for guides, comes equipped with multiple gear loops and a dedicated canyoning knife holder. The IRUPU, ideal for rental use, is easy to put on and take off, thanks to its intuitive buckles and clear labeling.

Experience the thrill of canyoning with confidence! Discover the best professional canyoning equipment from EDELRID for ropes, harnesses, descenders, knives, backpacks, and more. Shop now for ultimate safety and exploration.

Precision Control and Safety-Critical Tools:

Rappel techniques are essential in canyoning. EDELRID’s HANNIBAL descender offers exceptional braking control, allowing smooth descents for both experienced and novice canyoners. The integrated rubber ring prevents carabiner cross-loading, a potentially dangerous situation. Locking carabiners like the HMS MAGNUM SCREW, with its large, easy-to-operate locking sleeve, are perfect for carabiner maneuvers in wet conditions. The Y-shaped SWITCH DOUBLE belay station sling provides secure self-belaying options.

A reliable rescue knife is a must-have. EDELRID’s RESCUE CANYONING KNIFE features an ergonomic design for easy handling, even when swimming. The serrated blade tackles rope and webbing effortlessly, while the rounded tip ensures safety. The hard plastic holster keeps the knife readily accessible on your harness.

Rugged Transport:

Canyoning backpacks need to be as tough as the terrain. EDELRID’s canyoning bags are crafted from heavy-duty tarpaulin and feature multiple drainage openings to keep your gear dry. The reinforced base ensures durability, while color-coded gear loops help you stay organized throughout your adventure.

By investing in professional canyoning equipment from EDELRID, you can embark on your next canyoning expedition with complete confidence, focus on the thrill of exploration, and leave the safety worries behind.