Edelrid Switch Adjust – Adjustable Lanyard

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The Edelrid Switch Adjust is an adjustable self-belaying lanyard, ingeniously constructed from an energy-absorbing dynamic rope, specifically the SWIFT 48 Pro Dry 8.9 mm. This lanyard’s distinctive feature is its quick and effortless adjustability using a rope clamp, even when subjected to load. Moreover, its design incorporates a generously sized loop for a straightforward and secure attachment to the harness via a girth hitch.

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We bring you the Edelrid Switch Adjust – Adjustable Lanyard, our answer to the ultimate in adjustable lanyards. Expertly crafted and meticulously designed, it offers unparalleled functionality and superior performance. Made from energy-absorbing dynamic rope, the Switch Adjust features a unique SWIFT 48 Pro Dry 8.9 mm construction that ensures both robustness and flexibility.

Its dynamic rope construction provides a distinctive advantage in terms of energy absorption. This feature ensures a substantial reduction in force during a fall, providing extra safety compared to traditional static rope lanyards.

Quick and Easy Adjustments, Even Under Load

What sets the Edelrid Switch Adjust – Adjustable Lanyard apart is its ability to be adjusted quickly and easily using a rope clamp, even when under load. This feature offers climbers a high level of adaptability and convenience during their climbs. Whether you’re adjusting for distance from the anchor point or changing your climbing direction, the Switch Adjust ensures a seamless and efficient process.

The adjustable length ranges from 15 cm to a generous 120 cm, offering a broad spectrum of flexibility to cater to various climbing scenarios. With the Switch Adjust, you have the liberty to adjust to your environment, not the other way around.

Incorporating the KIWI SCREW Carabiner

The Edelrid Switch Adjust – Adjustable Lanyard isn’t just about its dynamic rope and adjustability. It’s also about secure connections. This lanyard comes with an integrated KIWI SCREW carabiner for secure attachment to the anchor point. Known for its high-quality construction and superior strength, the KIWI SCREW carabiner is a reliable partner that ensures your safety throughout your climbing journey.

Emphasizing Robust Kernmantle Construction

The Switch Adjust showcases a highly robust kernmantle construction. Kernmantle ropes are renowned for their high-tensile strength and exceptional durability, thanks to their specific design of a protected core (kern) within a woven outer sheath (mantle). This construction not only enhances the lifespan of the lanyard but also ensures consistent performance in various weather conditions and harsh environments.

Harnessing the Simplicity of Girth Hitch Attachment

The Edelrid Switch Adjust – Adjustable Lanyard is designed for simple and secure attachment to your harness using a girth hitch. This feature ensures the lanyard remains firmly attached to your harness, providing you with optimal safety and stability during your climb.


  • Length adjustable even under load
  • Integrated KIWI SCREW carabiner for attachment to the anchor point
  • Highly robust kernmantle construction
  • Length adjustable from 15 to 120 cm
  • Certification : EN 12275

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