Trublue 2 Auto Belay – Annual Service

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The Trublue Annual Service, starting at just €229, is essential for maintaining your TRUBLUE Auto Belay device. It ensures warranty compliance and offers a seamless servicing experience.

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The Trublue 2 Annual Service is a vital component in the upkeep of your TRUBLUE Auto Belay device. This service not only helps in maintaining the warranty of your device but also ensures its compliance with safety standards. With a focus on customer convenience, we offer a pre-paid shipping label for sending your device to us for servicing.

Service Procedure

  1. Add the item to your shopping cart. Note: the quantity in your cart must match the number of units you want to have serviced.
  2. Add any additional items to your shopping cart. For example, you can pre-pay for webbing or pay the late fee if your device is more than 30 days past its service due date (printed on your device).
  3. Complete the checkout process.
  4. Once ordered, we will send you labels for shipping.
  5. Shipping expenses, as well as any damaged or replaced items, will be invoiced separately after the service is finished.

Warranty Maintenance: The Trublue 2 Annual Service is crucial for maintaining the warranty of your TRUBLUE Auto Belay device. Regular servicing helps to ensure that your equipment stays within warranty terms and remains in optimal working condition​.

Safety Compliance: All TRUBLUE 2 devices must undergo an annual service to ensure compliance with safety standards. Our annual service offers peace of mind, knowing your equipment meets industry safety standards and functions properly​.

Convenience: Our service process is designed with your convenience in mind. From a pre-paid shipping label to the ability to pre-pay for webbing replacement, we aim to make the servicing process as seamless and straightforward as possible​.

Affordable: With prices starting as low as €229, the Trublue 2 Annual Service is an affordable solution for maintaining the longevity and safety of your TRUBLUE Auto Belay device​.

Prepaid Shipping: To make the process easier for our customers, we provide a pre-paid shipping label for sending your device to us. Return shipping is calculated separately at the checkout page​.

Webbing Replacement: If you choose the prepaid webbing option, we’ll replace the webbing regardless of its condition. This ensures the highest level of safety for your device​.

Simple Checkout Process: Our checkout process is simple and user-friendly. It allows you to add the service to your cart, opt for any additional items like prepaid webbing, and complete your return or shipping address​.

Secure Packaging: To prevent any damage during shipping, we recommend packing your device in its original box. Be sure to remove all carabiners, mounting chains, and pins from your unit before sending it to us​.

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