The Service Center offers quick turnarounds while adhering to strict quality assurance criteria. We recognize that each unit is directly related to your business, however in order to avoid any backlogs, we recommend that you send in your units immediately following your peak season.

Headrush Repair and Service: Thrill Syndicate coordinates approved repairs and annual recertification of TruBlue Auto Belays, QuickFlights (QuickJumps), and ZipStops. All devices require annual recertification to verify that they continue to function according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Edelrid Smart Belay Repair Service: We execute all necessary repairs on Smart Belays, even if they have not been inspected annually. The cost is decided by the state of the device, as well as the labor and parts required. It is simple to have your unit fixed.

Service & Recertification of Personal Protective Equipment: We are completely qualified and certified to examine all PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in line with the Norms and standards. In most circumstances, we will request that you deliver the equipment to our location for inspection. We may complete the examination on-site for an additional fee in some cases.

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