Tweezle O for LockD Clips

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The Tweezle O is an anchor O-ring with an integrated ident mark to lock the securing system LockD Clips. It is intended to be used as a safe anchor point in fall-prone situations in ropes courses and other climbing venues, such as with self-retracting lifelines, rolling elements, Tarzan swings, etc.


The Tweezle O performs the same locking function of the Tweezle Key but is ideal for integrating horizontal and vertical movement sequences on your course. Extremely light and easy to maneuver, the Tweezle O is the perfect solution for self-retracting lifelines, auto belays and rolling elements. Anchor point O-ring for the LockD Clips fall protection equipment and other climbing securing system.

Available in red or gold. We use different colors to indicate things like “this is a zip line.”

When merging horizontal and vertical movement sequences on your route, the Tweezle O provides the same locking function as the Tweezle Key. The Tweezle O is the ideal tool for self-retracting lifelines, automatic belays, and rolling elements since it is incredibly light and maneuverable.

To minimize loading on the LockD Clips during a fall, a shortcut connection between the anchor point and user’s PPE can be used.


Dimensions: 9.5 cm x 5 cm x 3 cm

Weight: 115 g

Strength: 36kN

Standard: UIAA 130:2021 PPE-R/11.114

Made In: Germany

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Red, Gold