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Engineering Adventure: Designing for Reliability

The TRUBLUE iQ PLUS allows climbers of all ages and abilities to rest, project routes, and push their limits, even when they don’t have a partner.

Thrill Syndicate is an engineering and design company that creates adventure experiences for users while also improving business operations. Their patented magnetic braking technology is used in all of their products, which are designed and manufactured with the primary goals of providing an awesome adventure experience and ensuring reliability.

Reliability is essential in adventure products, especially when climbing, zip lining, or jumping into thin air. Operators of these facilities must commit to risk mitigation to be successful. Thrill Syndicate’s devices are trusted globally to manage the risk inherent in these adventure experiences. In this article, we will explore how Thrill Syndicate designs for reliability.

Team Effort for Safety

While Thrill Syndicate designs, manufactures, and sells their devices in the outdoor, amusement and recreation industries. Customers must read the device manuals and properly install, inspect, maintain, and operate the devices. As life safety devices, annual service is required for all devices, and regular webbing inspections are a key piece of ownership. Inspecting the webbing on all devices regularly and completely to monitor wear, and replacing it when necessary, can help maximize the life of the webbing.

The Unknown and the Leap of Faith

The TRUBLUE auto belay, QUICKflight, and FlightLine free fall devices are just a few of the products Thrill Syndicate creates to make adventure experiences exciting and fun. However, when a new climber or jumper first experiences one of these devices, there can be hesitation as they look at the unknown device about to catch them and lower them to the ground. They put their faith in Thrill Syndicate’s engineering and manufacturing and take the leap.

Thrill Syndicate understands that initial hesitation, but they also love seeing people try their devices for the first time and have smiles on their faces by the time their feet are back on the ground. They want users to have exciting, fun, and smile-inducing experiences with their devices.

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Reliability with Eddy Current Magnetic Braking

Thrill Syndicate’s devices use eddy current magnetic braking to provide easy and reliable adventure experiences while also mitigating risk. Unlike other methods of braking, magnetic braking doesn’t rely on any contacting parts. The movement of aluminum arms through a magnetic field creates eddy currents within the aluminum arms. These eddy currents oppose the force of the magnetic field and provide a braking force, all without any contact.

This unique feature of Thrill Syndicate’s devices offers increased reliability while also reducing maintenance costs. There are no friction brake pads to wear, potentially fail, and need replacement. No hydraulic systems need to be inspected on-site and re-pressurized. Their technology offers peace of mind when jumping from 20 meter, letting go at the top of a climbing route, or zipping down a cable at speeds up to 60 kilometers per hour.

Fail-to-Safe Design and Mitigating Risk

Thrill Syndicate’s devices have a fail-to-safe design, which means that in case of failure within the braking system of the device, the climber lowers very slowly or the system prevents any movement of the participant. Thrill Syndicate creates adventure products where reliability is essential, and risk mitigation is key. They want users to enjoy the experience with no worries, and businesses operating smoothly and efficiently.

The role of technology in designing Adventure

Thrill Syndicate is an engineering and design company that creates adventure experiences while also ensuring reliability and mitigating risk. Their devices use unique eddy current magnetic braking, and they have a fail-to-safe design to ensure safety. Users can enjoy exciting, fun, and smile-inducing experiences with their devices. Thrill Syndicate is committed to designing for reliability and ensuring the safety of their devices. Compliance with safety standards and the high number of cycles their devices have collectively surpassed is evidence of the reliability and durability of their products. To ensure proper use and mitigate risk, Thrill Syndicate provides training to operators and users and recommends best practices.

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