Edelrid MULTICHAIN Anchor

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The Ultimate Anchor Solution for Pros – Unleash the power of versatility and confidence with the Edelrid MULTICHAIN Anchor. This innovative sling, meticulously crafted from high-strength Dyneema®, boasts an impressive 22 kN breaking strength in all directions, making it a reliable companion for professional operators in the adventure, outdoor, amusement, and recreation industries.

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The Edelrid MULTICHAIN Anchor stands out with its exceptional weight-to-strength ratio. The Dyneema® core minimizes weight (only 115g!) while maximizing strength, allowing you to move with agility and reduce overall gear weight.

Unwavering Reliability: Built to Endure

Don’t compromise on safety. The MULTICHAIN features seven small and one large, high-capacity rings, all certified to withstand a massive 22 kN load in any direction. This robust design ensures a secure and dependable anchor point for various applications.

Versatile Functionality: Designed for More

The MULTICHAIN’s versatility extends beyond basic anchoring. The large ring makes it ideal for aid climbing, while the polyamide sheath protects the core and provides a comfortable grip. Additionally, you can attach it to your harness for self-belaying using a girth hitch.

Edelrid MULTICHAIN Anchor: Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 115g
  • Material: Polyamide / Dyneema®
  • Width: 12 mm
  • Minimum Breaking Strength: 22 kN
  • Certification: EN 354
  • Certification: EN 566

The Edelrid MULTICHAIN Anchor is the perfect blend of lightweight design, exceptional strength, and unmatched versatility. Invest in confidence and efficiency – order your MULTICHAIN Anchor today!

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