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Ensuring Safety: The Complete Guide to Annual Device Service

In a world where safety and performance are paramount, ensuring that your Trublue, zipSTOP and QuickFlight devices are in tip-top shape is crucial. Annual Device Service is not just a recommendation but a necessity to keep these life-saving gadgets compliant with regulations and working at their best. Through a rigorous 62-point inspection, part replacements, and thorough cleaning, the Annual Device Service assures the reliability and performance of your equipment. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Annual Device Service, why it’s indispensable, and how you can streamline the process.

What exactly is annual service, and what happens to my device as a result?

Service is an annual process that ensures that your device is working properly and that any worn parts, such as the webbing, are replaced. To preserve the warranty and meet with safety requirements, your Trublue, zipSTOP and QuickFlight devices need this annual check-up.

When we get your device for service, it is subjected to a 62-point check. Internal components are inspected to verify they are still in good working order, and any repairs or updates are performed as needed. To optimal performance, some devices contain parts that must be updated every year, such as the retraction spring in the zipSTOP Zip Line Brake.

Finally, each item is rebuilt, tested with a full range of weights to ensure proper performance, and carefully cleaned. It is then ready to be transported back to you and re-used.

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Is it truly necessary to recertify my equipment every year?

It certainly does. After all, our devices are life-saving devices that require a comprehensive inspection once a year. Aside from that, an annual service is necessary to comply with Regulation (EU) 2016/425, which specifies that Category III life safety devices must be inspected annually by the manufacturer to ensure the device’s functionality over its lifetime. Annual service is an important component of owning a Trublue, zipSTOP or QuickFlight device since it provides reassurance and peace of mind for these life-saving devices.

How can I expedite the process and get my device back sooner?

First, put your recertification order online ahead of time. We cannot check-in or service your device unless you place an order. After completing the online form, a purchase confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Send us your device with a prepaid label or a carrier of your choice, and we’ll begin processing it as soon as it arrives.

Also, keep in mind that we have a busy season for annual service that begins in October and lasts until early April. If you can send your device in during other months, we will be able to return it to you faster than during the busiest season.

Finally, follow these additional guidelines to avoid delays with your yearly service:

Remember to include money. Before servicing on your device can begin, a credit card or other payment method must be received. You are all set if you paid with a credit card during your online order.
Pay in advance for a webbing. Order prepaid webbing if you know your webbing needs to be changed or if the time is approaching. This saves time because the technician does not need to inspect it and will automatically replace it for you.

Ship with the original packaging and with our pre-paid labels. We won’t be able to work on the product until it arrives, and if the device or packaging is damaged during delivery, additional repairs and service time will be required. It also speeds up the process because our experts are used to working with boxes, packaging, and labels that are properly labeled for our systems. When you order shipping, it is to get the device to us, and our customer support staff will create a label and email it to you. It may take up to 24 hours to generate and send labels.

Include only your device in the box. Accessories or mounting equipment should not be included and will not be replaced if lost during service. Anything additional must be removed by our professionals, which slows down the procedure for you and others.

Trublue, zipSTOP and QuickFlight devices are the most dependable items on the market since they use eddy current magnetic braking technology, which means there are no touching parts to wear out or fail. This dependability does not imply that we skimp on safety measures, and annual servicing is part of our commitment to risk reduction. After all, auto belays, zip line brakes, and free fall brakes are all life-saving equipment. We take that duty extremely seriously, and we believe you should as well.

While annual recertification of all of your Trublue, zipSTOP and QuickFlight devices is required to guarantee compliance with safety standards such as CE and ANSI, a one-year service cycle has various other advantages.


Advantages of Yearly Service

Reduce Risk

By failing to keep up with annual servicing, you increase the likelihood of your equipment not receiving critical maintenance. Why jeopardize yourself or your company? By taking the easy step of having your devices recertified every year, you can ensure that nothing goes wrong with them and limit your chances of being held liable.

Keep the Warranty

You are required to fulfill the recertification requirements indicated in the device handbook as the owner/operator of TRUBLUE Auto Belays. Failure to recertify your TRUBLUE Auto Belay renders the item unusable and voids the product warranty. By committing to annual service, you can avoid this.

Improve Performance

Servicing your equipment is similar to brushing your teeth or changing the oil in your car: if you take care of it, it will take care of you. When we receive your TRUBLUE Auto Belay for service, it is subjected to a 62-point inspection. Internal components are inspected to verify they are still in good working order, and any repairs or updates are performed as needed. Each item is then disassembled, rebuilt, and thoroughly cleaned before being tested on the TRU TEST with the entire range of weights to ensure optimal performance. It is necessary to do this on a frequent basis in order to maximize the functionality of your TRUBLUE Auto Belay.

Have Faith

As you are aware, the TRUBLUE Auto Belay is a life-saving technology, and the value of safety cannot be overstated. A yearly TRUBLUE check-up is not only a necessary component of ownership, but it may also bring piece of mind and help you sleep at night.

You will also receive email reminders before you need to recertify your device, but you should not rely solely on these to recall. Consider adding service dates to your calendar as well, just to be sure. Another factor to consider is whether to get all of your devices serviced at once during your slow season or to stagger it out over time. In any case, make a regular timetable that you can stick to and won’t forget.

Reasons Why Your Device Needs Annual Service

Put on your harness. Put on your shoes. This is related. Prepare to climb! Almost! You’re prepared, but what about your belayer? Are they prepared? We don’t forget to verify our belay partner before a climb, and we also need annual checkups on our TRUBLUE auto belay equipment. After all, the TRUBLUE is a climber’s partner, and while partner checks might be inconvenient, they are an important aspect of climbing safety that should not be disregarded.

TRUBLUE is the most dependable auto belay device on the market; because to our eddy current magnetic braking technology, there are no contacting parts to wear out or fail. This dependability does not imply that we skimp on safety measures, and annual servicing is part of our commitment to risk reduction. After all, auto belays are life-saving technologies, and we take that responsibility seriously.
The Procedure

Label of Certification

To retain the warranty and ensure compliance with safety regulations, your Trublue, zipSTOP and QuickFlight devices demand a yearly service. This annually annual servicing procedure is quick and straightforward. The device is sent to a service center (there are centers all over the world), our professionals perform a complete check-up, any necessary services or repairs are performed, and the item is returned as soon as possible. The inspection includes a thorough examination of all components within the auto belay as well as the webbing and attachment points. The devices are cleaned and greased to ensure smooth, quiet operation and long life. Each TRUBLUE is subjected to a final drop test to ensure correct operation, and each auto belay is identified by its serial number so that we can keep track of each device’s history and health.

The Advantages

The TRUBLUE requires yearly servicing to comply with Regulation (EU) 2016/425, which says that Category III life safety equipment must be inspected annually by the manufacturer to ensure the device’s performance over its lifetime. This is the formal norm, although there are various advantages to doing a yearly service routine.

An annual examination, first and foremost, provides reassurance and peace of mind. Again, the TRUBLUE is a life-saving technology, and the value of safety cannot be overstated. We would be increasing the likelihood of required maintenance being missed if we prolonged the time limit for our annual service. Our yearly partner check for your auto belay is an annual service.

Second, your TRUBLUE device’s yearly check-up is much like any other vital check-up in life. It’s something you expect and plan for, from changing your tires to going to the doctor once a year. Because it occurs on a regular basis, you may mark it on your calendar and be less likely to forget about it. Some TRUBLUE owners intend to complete all of their yearly service during their slow season, but others aim to stagger their annual service throughout time. In any case, they’ve devised regular timetables that they can plan for and remember.

Third, the unrivaled dependability and performance of a TRUBLUE auto belay device decreases total maintenance expenses and saves you money over time. Magnetic braking eliminates the need for contacting parts that can wear out or fail, removing a common maintenance cost from the equation. Climbers love the webbing system because it does not harm walls like cable systems and is simple to replace in-house when necessary. Reliability and performance help you save money over time while also providing your users with the greatest possible experience.

In conclusion, the Annual Device Service is a vital cog in the machine that keeps your Trublue, zipSTOP and QuickFlight devices safe, reliable, and high-performing. Compliance with safety regulations, maintenance of warranties, improvement in performance, and the indispensable peace of mind make the yearly service an essential routine. Being proactive and following the steps outlined can expedite the service process and ensure that your equipment is always ready when you need it. Remember, the safety and performance of your devices is an investment in your well-being and that of others. Don’t skimp on the Annual Device Service – it’s an investment that pays dividends in safety and peace of mind.

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