Zipwire braking systems

We offer a full family of zip line brakes that increase throughput with a hands-free braking experience for zip line riders and operators, and a full ecosystem of zip line products to outfit the best zip line builds in the world.

We utilize our patented eddy current magnetic braking technology to create a comfortable braking experience. Magnetic eddy current braking is extremely reliable and low maintenance due to no contacting parts in the braking system.

Zipwire braking systems - zipSTOP Accessories

zipSTOP Accessories

Browse our collection of zip line part accessories and get everything you need to outfit and upgrade your zipSTOP Zip Line brake and Head Rush Zip Line Trolleys.

Zipwire braking systems - zipSTOP Replacement Webbing

zipSTOP Replacement Webbing

Find the right replacement braking line and webbing for your zipSTOP Zip Line Brake and ensure that your zip line setup is in pristine working condition.

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