Zipline Airbag | EAD (Emergency Arrest Device)

 2.500,00 Ex VAT

The Zipline Airbag EAD provides an independent, passive brake system for your zipline, ensuring a safe landing in case of primary brake failure. Crafted from advanced, flame-retardant materials, it’s easy to set up and offers unrivaled durability and reliability.

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The Zipline Airbag is an emergency arrest device (EAD). The zipwire airbag is a back-up zip line brake that is completely separate from the primary brake and require no action by the participant to engage. In other words, the zipline airbag is a passive brake, independent of the primary brake.

Only the most advanced, flame retardant EU made materials have been selected to provide you with unrivalled durability and reliability. The light weight materials and innovative features make it easy to set up. An innovative blower positioning limits unwanted access to it and eliminates the risks. Reinforced anchoring points provide absolute safety and security.

The Zipline Airbag can be delivered in any size, but we recommend the size as shown in the photo’s: 180x120x60cm.


  • Recommended size: 180x120x60cm
  • Replaceable protective coating in the contact area
  • Power rings around the perimeter
  • Constant blowing
  • Including air compressor
  • Pressure regulation and automatic control of pressure in the chamber
  • 220 volt power supply needed for operation

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