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Expanding Expertise: Introducing Professional Industrial Fall Protection

Thrill Syndicate goes beyond the climbing gym. We offer top-tier safety equipment for industrial climbers, arborists, and rescue teams. Explore our customizable fall protection solutions and innovative climbing technology.

Thrill Syndicate, the industry leader in recreational auto-belays, is excited to announce its expansion into the industrial fall protection market with the launch of their Professional line! Building on the success of the magnetic Auto-Belay, Thrill Syndicate Professional offers innovative fall protection solutions specifically designed for industrial training applications at height. This includes critical training scenarios for firefighters, linemen, and other professionals who work at elevated risks.

A Proven Legacy in Safety

Since 2009, TRUBLUE has been a trusted partner in the climbing gym, amusement park, and adventure park industries. With over 50.000 Auto-Belays sold, these devices have safely facilitated over a billion climbs! This proven track record in safety innovation positions Thrill Syndicate Professional to excel in the demanding world of industrial fall protection.

Thrill Syndicate: Beyond the Climb. Trusted by professionals for industrial climbing, arboriculture, and rescue missions. Explore our customized fall protection & cutting-edge safety tech.

TRUBLUE iQ: Revolutionizing Industrial Training

This magnetic auto belay device is the cornerstone of the Professional product line. Unlike traditional human belayers or alternative fall protection systems, the TRUBLUE iQ delivers several key benefits:

  • Consistent Tension: The magnetic auto belay device provides consistent tension on the safety line, ensuring a realistic training experience without distractions from a loose or overly tight rope.
  • Automatic Adjustment: The system automatically adjusts to changes in speed or direction, eliminating the risk of human error in belay technique.
  • Safe Fall Arrest: The patented magnetic braking system activates instantly in the event of a fall, safely lowering the trainee to the ground.
  • Reduced Training Injuries: By automating fall protection, TRUBLUE iQ minimizes injuries caused by improper belaying, ladder accidents, or human error.

Thrill Syndicate Professional: Partnering with Firefighters and Linemen

Thrill Syndicate Professional will be showcasing its solutions at key industry events. Here’s how our Professional Line empowers firefighters and linemen:

  • Emergency Ladder Bailout Training: Practice emergency descents with confidence, knowing the magnetic auto belay device will provide a safe and controlled descent.
  • Emergency Personal Escape Line Training: Train for self-rescue scenarios with the peace of mind of the TRUBLUE iQ’s automatic fall arrest system.
  • Victim Removal Exercises: Safely conduct drills for rescuing individuals from elevated locations, like second-story windows.
  • Cadet Selection Evaluation: Integrate the magnetic auto belay device into your cadet training program to assess physical capabilities and risk management skills.

Thrill Syndicate Professional: For the Best in Safety

Don’t settle for unreliable fall protection methods. The Professional Line offers the future of safety for industrial training at height. Visit our website or contact us today to learn more about how TRUBLUE iQ can elevate your training program while keeping your trainees safe.

Thrill Syndicate’s Professional Fall Protection Line

Thrill Syndicate isn’t just for recreational thrills. We take safety seriously, and that extends far beyond the climbing gym. Our professional safety line equips industrial climbers, arborists, and even emergency response teams for high-stakes rescue missions. We offer top-tier PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) meticulously designed for each specific field. Customization is our strength – we work closely with clients to develop unique solutions for their toughest climbing challenges. At Thrill Syndicate, innovation is paramount. We constantly push boundaries in climbing technology, not just for the sake of new products, but to prioritize safety through features like short-circuit-proof energy absorbers. With Thrill Syndicate, you can be confident your team is equipped to conquer any climb, safely and efficiently.

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